Conference Scope

The ECLIM Conferences have been held to stimulate the research on laser matter interactions. They illustrate in a broad and interdisciplinary way the interaction of laser pulses  with matter at high power densities, including fundamental phenomena on ultra-intense laser matter interactions, laser-driven secondary sources of particles and short wavelength coherent EM radiation with associated applications as well as inertial fusion research and associate technologies.

Conference topics
  • The physics of nanosecond to attosecond laser-matter interactions and laser-generated plasmas
  • High power and/or high energy laser facilities and related technologies
  • Ultraintense and/or ultrafast laser  secondary sources (electrons, ions, neutrons, XUV, X-rays & γ-rays) and relevant applications including biomedical
  • Inertial confinement fusion research
  • Laser-driven matter acceleration and compression
  • Physics of thermonuclear targets and ignition approaches
  • Target technology and applications
  • Lasers in material processing & characterization
  • Modeling of laser-matter interaction phenomena
  • Laser and plasma diagnostics
  • Plasma instabilities
  • EUV & X-ray lasers

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